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Premises Liability

Slip and falls- are a sticky area of personal injury law because they are difficult to prove liability. A business owes a duty to properly maintain their premises and to warn of potential dangers. It must be proven that the business knew or should have known of the potential danger and they failed to properly maintain the condition or warn people of the danger. Slip and falls cause thousands of injuries a year, some of which are quite serious.. One misstep on a slippery floor or broken step can land an unassuming victim to spend time if not life in a wheelchair. A person tripping on carpeting improperly secured or over a partially exposed electrical cable can cause equally serious injuries.

Another area of premises liability involves criminal acts by employees or others. When a person is the victim of a crime on a business’s property that business might be liable for injuries if they knew of the potential and did nothing to protect the injured. For example if a business employees a person with a history of violence and that employee assaults a customer the business is liable.

Another example is an apartment or hotel where the renter is assaulted sexually or otherwise by an employee, especially when that employee has a pass key.

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